Cubizon R

Our dimensional scanner is an integrated cubing and weighing system, provides complete and accurate dimensional data in any distribution center or warehouse application.

Using this dimensional scanner for consistent and quick dimensional data collection provides several benefits, i.e. eliminates manual data entry, erases human error, and protects data integrity. Once captured, the dimensional data is easily transferred to your warehouse management system where it can be used immediately.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra Light weight Tabletop Model
  • Integrated Slider Flaps and Reference Grid for Irregular Objects
  • Optional Mobile Trolley for Portability
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Integrated Shipment Imaging Camera
  • Robust and Rugged Design
  • Optional Output to Label Printers
  • Option to integrate directly with Client Software thus eliminating need for third party software



  • Seamless and Secure Data Integration with any WMS Systems / ERP Systems / Shipping Systems
  • Real Time Shipment Imaging
  • User Profile Management with Access Control Levels
  • Integration with Label Printers and Manifest Printers
  • Flexible Dimension and Weight Units
  • Direct Interface with WMS/ERP Package over APIS, ODBC
  • Data Integration via Cubizone Software
  • Data push directly into client's software over Hardware communication ports (Serial/USB/Ethernet)
  • Data Push directly into client's Browser Page without any third party apps for maximum future Flexibilty
  • Global Dashboard Access for Automated MIS Reporting