Cardboard Cutting Machine


    Automatic cardboard cutting machine - SLIMBOX

    Perfectly fitted packaging in a convenient new way.

    • Autofocus: the machine automatically adapts to every kind of cardboard. No input needed.
    • Automatic measuring of material dimensions: the machine measures the height, width, length and thickness of your material.
    • Automatic folding of tables: if there’s too much pressure on the table of the machine, it will automatically bend to prevent the machine from tipping over.
    • Can be lifted with a hand pallet truck: the machine is easy to transport.
    • Pivoting wheels.


    Measure, pack and send

    • Choose from a large number of boxes (including Fefco-standards) from the Slimbox app. Or create your own box by entering the dimensions.
    • Experiment with your package design. Upload a personal drawing and cut it into whatever shape you want.
    • Control the machine entirely with the Slimbox app. Your mobile device can connect over USB or wireless (even with no network available).
    • Packing heavy goods? Just push one button in the app and cut a new box that perfectly fits around your last box. Do this again until it has the strength to hold your product.